Monday, February 28, 2011

A magic themed birthday in Boston

Themed birthday parties are always in vogue and birthday party parents always wonder where can you go to get magic themed goodies? Right here Oriental Trading has been supplying tchotchkes to the masses since 1932. They ship quick, have great products, and are reliable. Boston magician professor Dan gives them two thumbs up!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Boston Magician Professor Dan kicking it old skool!

How about a rock paper scissors marathon-elimination-championship-of-the-world! that link in blue will take you to the world Rock paper Scissors society! That's right RPS has gone global and they have the T-Shirts to prove it! At a birthday party the best way to get started is to have all the kids put their name on a piece of paper and put it in a bag and shake 'em up. Then two names are drawn and it is show time! A two out of three elimination takes place the winner will then play the next name pulled out of the bag. This is continued until there is only one grand champion. Also prizes, medals, or certificates of accomplishment should be given out to the other players for things like, most games won by a single player (this can be different from the Champ who is merely the last person standing!), best hand style, girls against the boys, most fun playing, etc. Try this, it is a lot of fun! Boston comedy magician Professor Dan

One of the best birthday party games in the world!

When I was a boy growing up in the Boston area a party was not a party until we had played Simon Says. One of the most underrated games in all birthday party-dom! :) For older kids let the birthday child be the star of the show by letting them lead the game. This is a great game to play at an adult birthday party as well! Have some fun prizes and giveaways for the winner and runners up. Professor Dan
Boston magician Professor Dan

Boston Magician Professor Dan the magic man entertaining the kids at an elementary school in the greater Boston area

What a blast I had hanging out with this great bunch of kids! Professor Dan the Magic Man is perfect for PTO and school fundraisers, cub scout blue and gold events, banquets, after school programs, day care centers, and a whole lot more! Your party or event deserves to be as fun as it can be and Professor Danny Hustle always makes it a blast! Boston magician Professor Dan

Bust the balloon game!

Boston kid show birthday party magician Professor Dan the magic man entertains the crowd in Melrose MA
This is a great birthday party game. It is actually a great game to play at any event! All you need is a big bunch of round balloons (the five inch ones work best) tie rubber bands to them, then each person puts a balloon on both ankles.When they have all got a balloon on both there ankles then you can start.You have to run around and try to pop everyones balloons.The aim of the game is to be the last one standing with at least 1 balloon on your ankle. This game is a blast and kids of all ages love playing it. Boston magician Professor Dan

A birthday party coloring page!

Hey Gang!

I have created a cool coloring page to make your next birthday party a blast! just have mom or dad download this file to the computer and print them out for you and your friends to color in at your birthday party! Feel free to have mom or dad email me a copy when you have colored it in! I am collecting coloring pages from kids all over the greater Boston and new England area and sharing them on my website Keep checking back and perhaps you will see your picture! Professor Dan

Downlad a coloring page of professor Dan for the kids to color in at the party!
Boston magician Professor Dan


This is a place where I will be sharing fun party ideas, games, magic tricks, and a whole lot more. Check back often and have fun! Boston magician Professor Dan